The Best All Purpose Cover On The Market

No other cover performs like Evergreen or looks like Evergreen. Since 1985, Evergreen has been protecting established greens and accelerating
turf growth for new course construction. With an expected life of 10 years, the original Evergreen comes with a 10 year warranty. Each cover includes pink sod staples and a storage bag.

  • Each cover comes with the Evergreen SMART EDGE™ technology.

  • Green engineered coating increases the ground temperature in excess of 10 degrees while blending in with the natural turf surrounding.

  • Exclusive material used only in the turf industry.

  • Ideal daily use for frost protection.

  • Installs and removes in 10 – 15 minutes using only 2 – 3 people.

Evergreen Premium Arial Shot
  • Stronger and earlier root development.

  • Vented to allow perfect air, water and light penetration.

  • Reduces the usage of water or chemicals.

  • Eliminates spring clean up costs.

  • Non-absorbing or clogging, keeps the same high performance year after year.

Patented SmartEdge™ Technology:

Smart Edge Illustration DISCOVER THE WILD Pin it anywhere within the cover. Smart Edge Illustration BEACH LIFE Cut anywhere for a new Smart Edge. Smart Edge Illustration JUST GO HIKING Pin it anywhere around the perimeter.
No grommets that will pull out or tear the cover.
Smart Edge Illustration NIGHT RIDE Smart Edge prevents any rip or tear from becoming larger.

Evergreen Premium’s Stock Sizes:

10' x 50'


20' x 50'


50' x 60'


60' x 90'


70' x 90'


80' x 110'


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We can manufacture covers to any size you require. No cover is too big or small.