The Best Cover For Ice Protection

The Ice Shield is used for those certain applications where water will not run off therefore building up and forming ice as the temperature drops. Acting as a shield, the Ice Shield creates a membrane between the crown of the plant and the ice.

  • Six standard sizes ranging from 600 sq. ft. to 9,240 sq. ft.

  • Solid non- permeable material.

  • Single piece construction.

  • Heated sealed seams.

  • Supplied with pegs and storage bag.

  • Clear in colour, allowing sun penetration.

  • Light in weight for easy installation and removal.

  • Strong, to give years of service.

  • Ice can easily be removed from the cover’s surface.

  • UV stabilized for long life.

Now that the Evergreen Ice Shield is available, there is no need to take the chance of ice destroying your greens.

Ice Shield
Ice Shield

Evergreen Ice Shield’s Stock Sizes:

10' x 50'

  • 12 lbs.

20' x 50'

  • 21 lbs.

50' x 60'

  • 67 lbs.

60' x 90'

  • 121 lbs.

70' x 90'

  • 140 lbs.

80' x 110'

  • 168 lbs.

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We can manufacture covers to any size you require. No cover is too big or small.