Slide LATE 1800's A New Family Business Is Born. Starting out as a canvas making company for carriages, Hinspergers has over 100 years experience in meeting our customers cover needs. Slide 1985 A New Direction Current President Peter Hinsperger makes a shift into covers made by Polyurethane. A new
plant in Mississauga Ontario is made to develop our new cutting edge lightweight turf cover,
Slide A New Plant And An Expanded Product Line 1994 The addition of a new plant in Truro, Nova Scotia allows our company to further expand our brand into other markets. Additionally, it allows us to make new products for pools and sports fields. Slide Branching Out To the United States. 1999 With our third plant in Medina, New York; we are now better able to serve our many
customers in the United States. As well, we can now better deal with the increasing
demand for our products.

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