When Ordering Your Turf Cover, Check This Out.

  • Breathable – Does your turf cover allow for proper air / water flow?

  • Efficient – Does your turf cover have Smart Edge technology, reducing the need for extra grommets/hemmed edges?

  • Inert Fabric – Can your turf cover prevent any water, chemical, or dirt from adhering?

  • Ease of Use – Is your cover lightweight, and manufactured in one piece?

  • Tight Weave – Does your turf cover prevent grass from growing through it?

  • Piece of Mind – Does your turf cover offer the best warranty, from a company with over 35 years of experience?

  • Tailored to Your Needs – Does your turf cover’s manufacturer offer 3 grades of warranty to meet your specific budget?

  • Coverage – Does your turf cover come in a full range of sizes up to 25,000 square feet?

  • Durability – Can your turf cover withstand harsh winters, while offering quick germination and easy maintenance?

  • Reputation – Is your turf cover trusted by 28 host golf courses to the U.S. open since 1985?

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Customer Satisfaction
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U.S. Open Courses Covered

Evergreen Radiant

The best turf cover you can buy. Period.

Evergreen Premium

Time tested, customer satisfaction proven, our premium turf cover.

Evergreen Original

A quality turf cover, priced for great value.

Sports Fields

Tough and durable with proven results.

The Best Courses Use the Best Cover, Do You?

The turf cover of choice since 1985 by golf course superintendants and sports turf managers worldwide. Our lab tested, patented coating and color additives (White Original, Green Premium, Grey Radiant) have been scientificaly designed to meet and exceed expectations.

The benefits of Evergreen, the multi purpose cover are many. Industry leading 12 year warranty, with many covers lasting more than 15 years. Smart Edge technology™ recommended by the USGA as the cover which meet all your turf requirements.

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